Spring/Summer Workshops and Seminars

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This May and June the schedule includes workshops and seminars on;

Transitions – Career and Work Choices, Decisions and Shifts
Finding Focus
Creativity and Writing (Productivity and Blocks)
ME FIRST Coaching
Work-Life Balance and Symmetry
Career and Practice Transitions for attorneys
Career and Practice Transitions for doctors

Workshops are two or four sessions.
Seminars are one session.
For more information or to arrange a workshop or seminar for your business, group or school, or for individual coaching please call 646.468.0608.

For information on Parenting and Education Workshops please visit http://dailylifecoaching4kids.blogspot.com or call 646.468.0608

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Coaching Question

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I’m in the process of putting together short coaching modules on different topics for those of you who asked for short-term self-coaching programs. I’d love some input on which one/s you’d be interested in first.

Transition Coaching
Are you transitioning from one job to another?
Have you recently been downsized and are looking for work in the same/another area?
Are you shifting your work or practice focus from one area to another?
Are you graduating colleger or grad school and looking for a first job?
Are you shifting from one career to another?
Are you thinking about retirement within the next year or two?
Are you thinking about a working retirement?
Are you thinking about a productive/life shift retirement?

Work Management and Resolutions?
Do you want to make positive work and work style changes in attitude, productivity or goals?

Are you feeling burnout and need strategies for getting out of it and staying out of it?

Work-Life Symmetry and Balance?
Are you overextended?
Are the boundaries between work and life completely blurred?
Are you working too much?
Are you working not enough?
Are you working from a home-office and need clearly defined boundaries?

Finding Focus
Do you want to identify, clarify and define your goals and directions?

Corporate or Executive Coaching for you or your staff?
Creative Blocks
Staring at a blank screen or canvas?

Time Management

Stress Management

Please let me know by sending an email with the topic you’re most interested in the subject line. Feel free to write a short description of what’s going on and how you’d like to move ahead.

Write to kiki at dailylifeconsulting dot com

Enjoy the day your way,
Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA
Daily Life Consulting

Tighten Your Belt, Strengthen Your Mind – NY Times

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Reat this article! Tighten Your Belt, Strengthen Your Mind It also answers the question/comment that many people have about how being coached in one area seems to improve their lives in other areas.

Pay attention to the part about how willpower can be learned and strengthened.

Enjoy the day your way,
Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA
Daily Life Consulting

Ok – You asked and now for some answers + Info on ME FIRST (c) Coaching Materials

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Thanks for your emails yesterday, I’ve read and responded to many of them. If I haven’t gotten to yours yet please be patient and you should get a response today or tomorrow.

Lots of F train riders answered the call (re: yesterday’s post) and thanks R.G. for the suggestion to have a coaching workshop on the Manhattan bound F train in the mornings. Hmmmm – the concept is interesting but I’m not sure it would work – how would we do that? Second car reserved for meet ‘n greet and the third car for coaching workshop? Also, all that getting on and off the train might be distracting. Hey – maybe we can get the conducter involved and he could call out some directions and questions – but I digress.

Lots of questions about dealing with stress relating to the economic situation in the country in general, questions from people in finance who are concerned about layoffs in the sector, questions from boomers who were planning on retiring within the next 5 or 10 but may have to put that off, questions from creatives who are thinking starving artist and freelance might not be the way to go, questions from people who wanted to transition into different careers or areas but aren’t sure this is the time to do it.

I also got requests for coaching materials.

Ok – some quick thoughts.
Keep your focus on your goals and direction.
If you’re having trouble finding personal focus, do that now before you make a move.
If you can’t make a change right now you can still figure out what you’d like your future to look like so you’re ready to make the changes when the opportunity arises.
Don’t panic.
I know you’ve heard it before but think of challenges as opportunities.
Write up a short list of what benefits you might be gaining by being exactly where you are right now. What’s good about it? What’s positive about it? What are you learning from it?

As for Coaching materials, I do provide proprietary coaching materials to my clients as part of their coaching process. They are exercises and workbooks that I’ve developed over my years of coaching (and include my teaching, program development and psychological, counseling and guidance training). The result is a full coaching system called ME FIRST Coaching (c) which will be available for sale later in the Spring.
Since so many of you have been requesting some kick-start coaching materials what I’ll do is put together a short version with some of the beginning exercises which will get you started. I’ll work on a short version with different targeted topics and make those available soon.

Meanwhile – to those of you from around the country who sent in emails and questions – thanks! And to you Brooklynites – see you on the F train!

Enjoy the day your way,
Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA (APA)
Daily Life Consulting

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