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Many of you have been asking about our new 2-Session Turnaround(TM) Coaching What is it? How does it work? What’s involved? What kinds of issues could I use it for?

I’ve also gotten questions about how and why I developed the 2-Session Turnaround(TM)Coaching Program. I’ll answer that one first. In short – I wish I would have had this option when I was going through all the different phases of my career(s). If you read the topics I’ve included below I can tell you that I’ve gone through all of them myself. I’ve transitioned voluntarily and involuntarily. I’ve loved my work so much that I could barely sleep at night because I was so excited about the day to come. I’ve hated my work so much that there wasn’t any amount of caffeine and sleep that could help me feel energized. I’ve loved some work situations but really couldn’t stand the work environment. I’ve loved some work environments but couldn’t stand the work involved. I’ve loved some bosses and really disliked others. I’ve loved some employees and really disliked others. I’ve been so burned out I was toast. I’ve been stressed. I’ve been unfocused. I’ve found focus. I’ve had to learn how to blend my creative life into the other parts of my life. I’ve had to learn how to manage work and life and synthesize the two to make life all it can be.

In short I’ve been there. Wherever. So when I work with clients and they talk about an issue, chances are there’s a secret language and shorthand that we share. I’ve been there and worked through it. Now I want to help others do the same. As many people as I can because there is just no reason to feel miserable about work. There are too many other things in our lives that we can’t control, why add to it?

I used my experience, my training in different areas and my skills as a program developer to develop the kinds of programs I wished I’d had when I needed them, and when I might need them in the future.

Make your life the best life it can be.

So here is some general information and if you’d like more details or information please feel free to call me at 646.468.0608 or email [email protected] using “2-Session Turnaround” in the subject line.

Question:What is 2-Session Turnaround(TM) Coaching

Answer: 2-Session Turnaround(TM) Coaching is a very short term coaching solution to help you find some answers, direction, strategies and figure out what to do next.

Question: What kinds of issues could I work on in 2-Session Turnaround(TM) Coaching?

Answer: You name it!
Transitions – If you’re making a job change for any reason whether voluntary or not, or if you’d like to explore options for making a change Transition Turnaround is for you.
Career and Work Choices and Shifts
Stress Management
Time Management
Finding Focus – What do I want to be doing?
What Next? Are you at a crossroad in your life? Have you accomplished a goal and aren’t sure what to do next? Are you contemplating the next phase of your career but aren’t sure what that might be?
Creativity (Productivity and Blocks)
Writing (Productivity and Blocks)
ME FIRST (TM) Coaching
Work-Life Balance and Symmetry
Career and Focus Transitions for Writers
Career and Practice Transitions for Attorneys
Career and Practice Transitions for Doctors
Character and Script Analysis and Development

Question: How Does It Work?

Answer: 2-Session Turnaround(TM) Coaching takes place over the course of a month and works like this. It’s very simple and straightforward.

*1 Coaching Session to begin the process.
*Follow-Up materials which match the area you’re Turning Around.
*Email Communication available during weekday business hours for the two weeks until the next coaching session. These can be for questions, clarifications, yelps, “I did it!”, “it worked!” or whatever you wish to communicate.
*2nd Coaching Session.
*More Follow-up Materials and Action Plan.
*Email Communication available during weekday business hours for the two weeks until the next coaching session. These can be for questions, clarifications, yelps, “I did it!”, “it worked!” or whatever else you might wish to communicate.
*15 Minute Coaching follow-up session.

Very simple. 2-Session Turnaround(TM) Coaching gives you a chance to do just that. Find direction, discuss options with an objective, trained coach, discover new strategies and move ahead confidently. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or comments. (p)646.458.0608 or (e) coach at daily life consulting dot com (2-Session Turnaround in the subject line).

Enjoy the day your way,
Rebecca Kiki Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA
Daily Life Consulting

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