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Hi –
Dare I ask how you are? It’s been hectic here with what’s going on out there. In order to streamline the coaching process for some of you who would like a bit of a boost we’ve developed an Economic/Job/Career Crisis Coaching package. We’ve also spun off the Executive/Career Coaching and Counseling part of Daily Life Consulting into its own entity – DLCECC (Daily Life Consulting Executive Coaching and Counseling).

It’s great for you if you;

* Lost your job and are looking for a new one.
* Your company firm is laying off people and you’re there doing double and triple duty.
* You’re concerned that you might be laid off.
* You’d like to explore other career paths.
* You have to delay your retirement plans indefinitely and need a new plan.
* You need to develop a new income stream.
* You’ve been laid off and want to start over in a new field.
* You figure this is the perfect time to explore career options you deferred on.
* You’re making a career transition or shift and need help doing it successfully.
* You need help managing the stress of your work life along with financial stresses.
* You need to develop a new spending and doing-more-with-less plan for yourself and/or your family.

What does it include?

* Two(2) to four(4) phone coaching sessions (depending on topic and need).
* An action plan to follow.
* Resume review.
* Coaching follow-up.

For more information on crisis coaching prices, plans and options please email us at 411 at dlcecc dot com or phone 646.468.0608

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How To Make A Spending Plan –

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Great article about making a spending plan. Step 1 is to change the word budget to the phrase spending plan and then take it from there.

Check out the complete article by Jeff D. Opdyke How To Make A Spending Plan


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