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Hi All,

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to post here. We’re working overtime assisting people make the changes they have to make. So in answer to emails I’ll post here the new options we’ve added for personal coaching.
For corporations, small businesses, healthcare, and private practices we’ve added some trainings, seminars and workshops and we also have team members available to do on-site coaching. Please call 646.468.0608 or email 411 at dlcecc dot com for more information.

1. For Personal Coaching:
Short term and intensive coaching. Some good news at a time when it feels like we’re being bombarded with only bad news.

*One 1 1/2 (one and a half) hour phone coaching session
*E-mail follow-up
*Resume review
*Strategy planning
Or –
* Two(2) to four(4) phone coaching sessions (depending on topic and need).
* An action plan to follow.
* Resume review.
* Coaching follow-up

Call 646.468.0608 for more information or email at 411 at dlcecc dot com.

It’s great for you if you;
* Lost your job and are looking for a new one.
* Your company firm is laying off people and you’re there doing double and triple duty.
* You’re concerned that you might be laid off.
* You’d like to explore other career paths.
* You have to delay your retirement plans indefinitely and need a new plan.
* You need to develop a new income stream.
* You’ve been laid off and want to start over in a new field.
* You figure this is the perfect time to explore career options you deferred on.
* You’re making a career transition or shift and need help making it successfully.
* You need help managing the stress of your work life along with financial stresses.
* You need to develop a new spending and doing-more-with-less plan for yourself and/or your family.

Short Term Coaching Long Term Solutions
services and issues covered include:

* Training, Seminars, Workshops, Individual and Group Coaching
* Boosting Morale
* Focusing and Multitasking
* Dealing with new and/or more responsibilities
* Motivation
* Transitions – within a company or after downsizing and restructuring
* New economic realities – managing anxiety, strategizing and planning ahead
* Coping with economic stress in healthful ways
* Rethinking Career Direction and Plan
* Rethinking Retirement Options
* Second Career or Mid-Career shifts
* Short term and long term planning

For those of you we know and love – keep up the great work! You will get through this and you’ll get through this successfully! We’ll make sure of that!

For those of you we’ve only “met” through email and phone queries – we look forward to working together soon. If you have any more questions please call 646.468.0608 or email 411 at dlcecc dot com

We’re ready for you – are you ready for your new future? Whether you wanted it or not – make it the best one you can!
Enjoy the day ,
Rebecca “Kiki”
Short Term Coaching
Long Term Solutions

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