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May 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the things I’ve been hearing lately is “We/I want to get back on track”. We’re living through a time of tremendous change. People and organizations,  goals and projects,  have been caught in the midst of it.  But something has just snapped.  Over and over I hear  “I’m not sure how all this happened but I/we want to get back on track”.
Is it Spring? Is it coming to the realization that the world isn’t the world we may have been prepared or trained for? Is it deciding that something (or a lot of things) just aren’t working anymore?
Whatever the reason, people want to get back on track. Companies want to get back on track. People want to get their organizations, project, goals and lives back on track.
What are you doing to get back on track? We can help.
Here’s a quick update of some of our back on track coaching options available to your and your organization.
All options are available as motivational speeches for corporate coaching, business coaching, groups, government, company retreats and as keynotes, seminars and workshops as well as individual coaching opportunities.
  • Salary, Raise, Promotion and Negotiation Coaching
  • Banish Burnout Blast  Coaching
  • Work-Life Balance Win-Win for Executive Women Coaching
              This program is also great for women in many fields including Medicine, Entrepreneurs, Solo-Prenuers, Entertainment, Government and more!
  • What Do I Do Now? Get Back On Track  Coaching
  • Achieve Work-Life Balance Coaching Program + Banish Burnout Bonus Great for VeryBusy People
  • Creative Project Coaching – Get Unstuck, Get Motivated, Get Focused and more….
Coming Soon: 
Create Compelling Presentation Content 
Create Compelling Workshops, Classes, Seminars and Lectures from your current expertise, knowledge and experience. 
Do you want to communicate your skills, knowledge, expertise or education to small, midsize or auditorium size groups? 
Would you like to expand your platform and client base, attract new clients, teach your expertise or give workshops and/or seminars on your specialty? Generate income using your skills, knowledge and expertise? 
Create Compelling Presentation Content Coaching will coach, guide, educate and assist in identifying and articulating your niche,creating compelling content and handouts as well as provide you with presentation tips, tools and tricks. 
We’re always continuing our other coaching offerings as individual coaching, group coaching, seminars, workshops, speeches, lectures and keynotes and corporate coaching. Please ask about any or all, we’re happy to customize, develop and provide training for programs for you and your organization. 
Leadership and Management coaching
Maximizing Productivity coaching 
Doing More With Less (for Management & Leaders) Coaching
Focus Coaching
Project Management Coaching
Social Media Analysis  

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