Live Life, Work Well, Stress Less…..

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Live Life, Work Well, Stress Less….. 
It sounds so simple, and it can be. 
Figure out what you want new/next/now. 
Figure out what you don’t want. 
Figure out what you want to add to your life. 
Figure out what you want to subtract. 
Strategize ways to enjoy your work life. (Even if that means making a big change.) 
Develop skills, tools and techniques for minimizing the stress in your life, changing your reactions to stress, and heading off stress at the pass. 
Simplified here, sure – but so do-able. 
Live Life, Work Well, Stress Less….. 

No One Knows – IndiGogo Crowd Funding Campaign

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I want to introduce you all to a great crowd funding project that I’m so excited and proud to be part of. No One Knows, a film that will be filming this summer. The film is a powerful story of a young boy who tries to get people to “know” what’s happening to a young girl.

During my years in education, in all my roles from classroom teacher to program developer & trainer, to   Director of Youth Services in NYC govt. for a joint NY City /NY State govt. project the issue of child abuse was one that unfortunately, came up time and time again.

As a mandated reporter in the classroom, I had to report cases of suspected child abuse. Those experiences are ones I will never forget. The terror of the children, the terror of being taken away from their parents often outweighing their desire and urgency to tell a person in authority what was happening to them. The backlash from those who were held accountable for their actions. The children who were suddenly pulled out of school and moved to another neighborhood. In my role in the govt. we sought solutions on a larger scale in the form of programs and assistance City and State wide. Solutions, programs, interventions are still being sought.

Often, film is the quickest way to get a message across which is why I’m so passionate about No One Knows and the impact that I believe it can have. Starting a dialogue, having a real conversation, brainstorming for solutions and implementing educational and informative programs can all begin after seeing a film about one such story.

No One Knows is an amazing film about one little boy who tries to help one little girl. Their story is a powerful one.

Join the campaign and help this terrific film get made. Go to the crowd funding campaign for No One Knows and donate any way you can.

Join the amazing No One Knows team of Producer Daniel Hoyos, Writer Jamie Livingston, Director Bunee Tomlinson & ViviAnna and raise your voice to help give voice to this issue.

Thanks in advance,



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Live Life, Work Well, Stress Less….. coming soon

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We’re making big changes this summer. We’re splitting our services into Career + Life and Creative. Hopefully, both websites will be up and running by September as well. You don’t want all the boring, behind the scenes details. All you need to know is that our services, coaching, consulting, programs, trainings, workshops and seminars will be as terrific as before but the focus will be a bit different. 

We’ll be updating here during the summer but please feel free to contact us about coaching, trainings, programs etc. 

We’ll be working with you and your organization for career and life issues under our “Live Life, Work Well, Stress Less” Coaching banner. 

If it’s a creative endeavor including the creative and performing arts and edutainment we’ll be working with you under our TradeCraft Coaching banner. 

If it’s education, we’re coming up with a great new name for that as we speak. 

Same great results. 

Enjoy the day – your way,


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