Big Change or Some Adjustments?

September 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Back to work. Long weekends a distant memory until next summer. Some of you are excited about the energy that Fall brings. Then again, as is usual for this time of year, I’m hearing heavy sighs from some of you, louder growls from others, shouts or mutterings from others.

Many people put off thinking about their dissatisfaction with work, or their lives, during the summer. Fun, vacation, & free time take the pressure off some of the issues that take center stage during the rest of the year. Then….well, then. With less distractions, the old issues come flooding back. Sometimes it’s situational, and a result of that post-vacation letdown feeling.

The first thing to do is to take a step back and assess your current situation, and what’s going right. That gives you some energy to tackle the next step.

The next step is a bit more complicated and extensive. What do you want moving forward? And what steps can you take to make that happen? Sounds simple, but it’s not that easy to do.

When people ask me what coaching is, that’s pretty much my short answer to them. Sometimes a major change (and all that involves) is the next step. Sometimes a few small adjustments in lifestyle, work or hobbies can do the trick.

The questions you have are yours. You have your own unique wishes, ways of interacting with your world, and hopes for the future. You’re the one who must find a way discover the right path for yourself. Sometimes you need a sounding board, an objective other, someone who can articulate the mishmash of ideas, thoughts & feelings and help you turn it into a plan of action. Sometimes you can do it on your own.

Good luck. Appreciate what you do have right this second, and move on from there.

Rebecca Kiki


RK Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA


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