What Do I Do Now? Get Back On Track! New Coaching Program for those who were in Management or a Leadership Position, Thinking About a Second Career – Act II, and Have Been Laid Off or Downsized

What Do I Do Now? Get Back On Track!       New Coaching Program
What do I do now? What do I do next? Those are the questions that are going through your mind. You’ve stepped out of one work and possibly career situation in your life and not sure what the next one is.
How do you decide and how do you get there? The work world is so different and so are you. 
You find yourself in a situation that you did,  or didn’t,  choose to be in. So many people are in that situation now. You have talent, experience and smarts. Maybe you decided you wanted to try something new and different. Perhaps your company downsized, or closed its doors altogether.
You were a leader, in a leadership position where you had control, authority, the ability to mentor others, to lead a group or organization and suddenly that’s gone. What do you do now? 
You can figure that out in 30 days through the program which includes personal coaching, worksheets and email followup.
You’re feeling and thinking so many things; surprise, grief, disappointment, confusion and loss among others. Maybe you’ve been unemployed before but not like this and not at a point where you’re not ready to retire yet but not sure what to do now.
Wouldn’t it be great to access the excitement of a change? Wouldn’t you love to access and experience the energy and creativity that comes along with being in a position that you find challenging and fulfilling to you, to feel that great feeling of contributing to the world, to access and channel all the great, positive energy you have?
You’ve reached a level of maturity, experience and sense of self in your life. You’re not looking to remake yourself, you’re searching for ways to optimize all your skills, all of who you are and be the thriving, excited, productive person you know you are and that you have been.
Where to start and how to achieve that in this very odd work world you find yourself. The world of work looks different, applying for work has become downright weird and that’s an understatement. 
Wouldn’t it be great to be on that road again? Fast? To feel that great energy again? You can do it and you can feel that sense of mastery and excitement right away.
With “What Do I Do Now, Get Back On Track!” Coaching, in 30 days you can;
  • Feel unstuck 
  • Find your way back to the person you know you are 
  • Get back on track 
  • Wade through the (seemingly) unlimited choices that the world has 
  • Figure out what you want to do next 
  • Become the person you liked being
  • Explore opportunities that will allow you to use your leadership skills to help an organization grow & thrive
  • Create and discover new structure
  • Tap into your creativity 
  • Get excited about the search
  • Learn new ways to present yourself and your skills in this new economy and electronic landscape
  • Learn ways to communicate who you are and what your energy is in a resume and cover letter
  • Develop ways of dealing with responses or lack thereof in an electronic application age.  
Here’s What You’ll Get 
  1. 4 Hours of Phone Coaching which you can take in 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour segments. 
  2. Email follow-up and customized hw for phone coaching.
  3. Over 10 coaching worksheets that will guide you to the best outcomes for you. This includes Career direction, Resume, Cover letter, Follow-Up, Social Networking, Interview tips and tools and much much more.
  4. Bonus Phone Coaching Hour 

You can start on your new road to success, satisfaction and whatever else you choose right away!

Email us at atypicalcoaching at gmail.com with the subject line “What Do I Do Now? Get Back on Track”  or call 646.355.8759. 

Won’t it feel great to feel like “you” again? Or a new version of “you”? (Pssst! The answer to that is “yes”.) 



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